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Nathan Dahm, a state senator from Oklahoma has filed  senate bill 1473 that is called Piers Morgan Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms Without Infringement Act. "

What does this do?

A person shall be permitted to carry loaded and unloaded shotguns, rifles and pistols, open and not concealed and without a handgun license as authorized by the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act pursuant to the following conditions:
1 when hunting
2 during competition
3participating in military functions
4 police functions
5 practice or performance for entertainment purposes
6 for lawful self-defense and self-protection or any other legit reason on property that you own


When carried in a holster that is wholly or partially visible or in a scabbard, case or with a sling designed for carrying firearms that is wholly or partially visible and the person is eighteen (18) years of age or older.  Any person who carries a firearm in the manner provided for in this paragraph shall be prohibited from carrying the firearm into any of the places prescribed in subsection A of Section 1277 of this title; or
8 any legit reason not violating the OK firearms act of 1971

and then there is some more.

I don't know how to post those twitter things so here this...

@piersmorgan tweeted @NathanDham

come on my show and debate your new 'Piers Morgan Act'. If you have the guts
Then Nathan Dahm tweets
Received the email invite from your producer. Working out the details but it looks like Monday evening. We can discuss it then.

Thu Jan 16, 2014 at 07:33 PM PST

Tom Coburn Retiring Early

by gossamer1234

I recently wrote a diary herediscussing the possibility that Tom Coburn would not finish his term.

Reports are in that he will retire tomorrow.

Sources in Washington tell us U.S. Senator Tom Coburn will announce Friday he'll resign at the end of 2014.
Coburn is battling a recurrence of prostate cancer and previously told a political reporter he'd resign if his health meant he couldn't serve out his term.
This source does have the final sentence as saying  
Coburn's communication director told News On 6 there is no announcement tomorrow, and the senator is not resigning.
But I do know that his chief of staff has confirmed this.  Sorry, no link as of yet.  Will update when i find one.


and here it is  Sen. Tom Coburn to resign at the end of current Congress

As a citizen legislator, I am first and foremost a citizen who cares deeply about the kind of country we leave our children and grandchildren. As I have traveled across Oklahoma and our nation these past nine years, I have yet to meet a parent or grandparent who wouldn’t do anything within their power to secure the future for the next generation. That’s why I initially ran for office in 1994 and re-entered politics in 2004. I’m encouraged there are thousands of Americans with real-world experience and good judgment who feel just like I do. As dysfunctional as Washington is these days, change is still possible when ‘We the People’ get engaged, run for office themselves or make their voices heard. After all, how else could a country doctor from Muskogee with no political experience make it to Washington?

“As a citizen, I am now convinced that I can best serve my own children and grandchildren by shifting my focus elsewhere. In the meantime, I look forward to finishing this year strong. I intend to continue our fight for Oklahoma, and will do everything in my power to force the Senate to re-embrace its heritage of debate, deliberation and consensus as we face our many challenges ahead.

“My God bless you, our state and our country.

UPDATE II:Changed Title from "Tomorrow" to say "Early". The initial news link said tomorrow. But that was a source of confusion.  I guess the announcement was supposed to be tomorrow?  But they announced/leaked today (Jan 16).  I THINK, and please help me if you see it somewhere, that he's retiring at the end of the year so his replacement will be ready to go January of next year and the election will be this November.  Looks like that Matt Silverstein has a choice between running against Jim Inhofe and the guy up in the open seat?  Not sure how that works, having two senate seats up at once.
Coburn timed his resignation so his replacement could be elected during the regular ballot process this year. It will be a very compressed time frame for a statewide race, particularly for those who don’t have statewide name recognition.
I expect AG Scott Pruitt to be the favorite. Heaven help us.  

And I sincerely do wish Mr. Coburn good health.


Oklahoma, having fixed all their problems like teen pregnancy (9th worst), childhood obesity (6th worst ), college degrees (9th worst), etc...we can now focus on pastry shooters.

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Via Tiger Beat on the Potomac

Oklahoma's Liberal Senator is appraising his future in DC. He has previously promised not to run for reelection  , but now it seems he may not finish his term.

In the past he's had brain surgery, surgery for colon cancer, surgery for prostate cancer.  He may have to undergo further surgery due to recurrence of prostate cancer.

Coburn is currently undergoing chemotherapy, and he may soon have major surgery that could temporarily — or permanently — sideline him from the Senate. When the results of medical tests return in February, Coburn will have a clearer indication of the additional treatment he needs and whether it will interfere with his Senate work... “The decision I make will be made in conjunction with my family as to how I can best implement and impact things. And if I don’t think I can, I won’t.”
If he were to step down, as much as we hate his politics, his replacement would be worse.   A Coburn clone would likely not be conservative enough to win a general election let alone a primary for statewide office.

If he is able to complete his term, the election to replace him would be 2016.

I should add that I sincerely wish him good health, not just for political reasons.


Self promotion is likely frowned upon, but I put together a video and just posted a clip on youtube.  Please give me suggestions for a better title and also video description. Also, other awesome movie dialogue that could be good for future use.

The Link: Easier to Deal With: The T-800 or Tea Party?

It's clips from a couple of movies with video of Gohmert, Boehner, Bachman, and Cruz put over the classic dialogue.  

Just in time for Halloween! The Tea Party is just as soulless as Jaws, Michael Myers, Terminator and even Anton Chigurh! They are holding the country hostage and make completely unreasonable demands. Visit: and contact your representative to make sure he or she is willing to prevent crashing the economy!

I do not own the rights to any of the videos or images in this collection nor am I employed or contracted by the US government or


Many months ago it was announced that Allbritton Communications would purge themselves of their TV stations and hold on tightly to Robert Allbritton's cherished Politico (aka Tiger Beat on the Potomac). Robert is the son of the late Joe Allbritton (who started Allbritton Communications) who died in December. That didn't take long to dump daddy's hard work and legacy (Riggs Bank long forgotten).

After the FCC approves the sale, Robert and family will get a handsome $985 million payout.  Allbritton has stations in Washington DC (an over the Air Channel and a 24 hour news channel), Harrisburg PA, Birmingham Alabama, Little Rock, Tulsa, Lynchburg, Virginia, and Charleston SC.  

More to the story

Of course I am sure almost all of you are familiar with Sinclair.  They currently have over 60 stations including Tampa, Minneapolis, St Louis, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Raleigh-Durham, NC, Nashville, stations in Ohio, Wisconsin, Virginia, Nevada, Texas, Oklahoma, couple others in North Carolina, Michigan, Iowa, Missouri.  And if you don't know about their shenanigans in presidential politics, head on over to their wiki page and look under Political Views. Isn't it awesome that a company that has such a foothold in so many swing states runs infomercials against Obama in 2012, doesn't allow stations to air nightline running names of dead soldiers, preempts network programming to run a "documentary" that smears John kerry, etc...?

EDIT: Obviously the poll option should be 985 MILLION mcdoubles.


What Will Robert Allbritton do with $985 million?

20%2 votes
0%0 votes
10%1 votes
0%0 votes
60%6 votes

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short and sweet

Daily Liar

The Washington Post mistook one prostitute for another Monday in a report that initially seemed to debunk a November 2012 Daily Caller exposé of New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez.
Essentially they are saying that they paid multiple prostitutes to lie, and the Post picked the wrong one.  Or something...

Nice story in there about battery life on laptop running out of power (very Alex Jonesian lucky right there[I saw the video just out of college, dude just never could get the real conclusive definitive mushroom cloud smoking gun money shot, things like running out of tape would just...happen])

Discuss  PPP has released an annual survey


which of these outlets do you trust the most?

0%0 votes
0%0 votes
0%0 votes
19%15 votes
7%6 votes
28%22 votes
0%0 votes
19%15 votes
10%8 votes
14%11 votes

| 77 votes | Vote | Results

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Tue Jan 22, 2013 at 03:09 PM PST

Don't Tax Our Gunz!!

by gossamer1234

By most accounts, gun sales in Oklahoma have surged.  

For some reason, State Representative Mike Turner (is he like 12 years old? Seriously.) wants to pass a bill that would drop the sales tax on guns for 1 weekend a year.

If sales are strong, why would you cost the state revenue?  Governor Mary Fallin is determined tophase out state income tax (i.e. benefit the wealthy) which would require raising sales tax (harm the middle class and poor).  We already have a tax holiday at the end of summer to help families buy new clothes for the school year, and that I support 100%. It certainly helps retailers.  Gun sales are FINE, they are healthy.  The best thing to boost gun sales are school shootings and elections of democrats.  

Oklahoma also taxes groceries.  There is no tax holiday on fruits and milk. But some kid in OKC wants to go tax free on guns?

Of course Noddy and Itzl recently did a dairy on a proposal to bypass any laws signed by Obama by giving guns with the "made in oklahoma" mark in it, making them untouchable by federal laws.  

And the sheriff for the county in which I reside says he will not enforce any of the new "obama gun laws".


First off, Twigg wrote about this first in his excellent diary spotlighting the horrible story Monday of 4 women shot to death. I was going to add a post in his diary but felt it would be WAY too long. I am going to add a little bit of info on the other shootings after the pig in the blanket.

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Sorry, no link. Reading this from an AP news bulletin...


huffpo has the AP news bulletin up

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You may see this from conservative buddies on facebook or twitter.  Duffelblog is a satirical website posting military related stories that are...not real.  Many right wing websites picked up on it and now TONS of conservatives believe it to be true, or wish to trick people into thinking that

preliminary counts showing that they would have overturned the vote in several states and brought a victory for Governor Mitt Romney.
The original article: Military Absentee Ballots Delivered One Day Late, Would Have Swung Election For Romney

Some other stories on the site:  

Pentagon Proposes Controversial Policy Assigning Ranks to Military Spouses

2012 Best Sick Call Ranger Competition Winner Announced

Army Replaces Defective Radios With Carrier Pigeons, Smoke Signals

Folks, even a google search of "" shows the site is satire.


End of course we see the maps showing county by county who won what.  People say to that, "our votes don't count!!!" This may be true if each county had the same population.  Texas has a county bigger than a few North Eastern states! And I don't even think 1000 people live there.  Oh how they wish Acres instead of people could vote!

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