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Nothing amuses this Psychologist more than watching the body language of the Senators during a vote.  Such collegiality!  Such warm feeling!  Such a show!

But, as the Republicans stand in tight formation, working each member to insure there is no waiver at the last minute, to insure that the Authoritarian Party spin is maintained, the result is always the same.

Republicans Voted Against Reforming Wall Street!

That is the frame.

That is the meme.

That is a diary title that should be on the rec list for the next two weeks.

Republicans voted against reforming Wall Street.


Straight forward.

No wiggle room.

No nuance.

No quarter.

With more than 65% of the population supporting reform, let's nail 'em with this failure to proceed to debate and amendment in a way that any "low information voter" can get their head wrapped around.

Originally posted to Granny Doc on Mon Apr 26, 2010 at 02:29 PM PDT.

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