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Sara R is one of the golden threads that bind together the fabric of this community.  She has given immeasurably to all of us, and now there is something we can do for her.  Sara needs gallbladder surgery, and it is up to us to see that she gets it.  This fundraiser began on Friday and the community's response has been amazing: a goal that seemed so daunting a few days ago now seems reachable -- if we press on!

Link to Sara R's PayPal Account

Goldie inspects onebiteatatime’s quilt:  All quilts are pootie-approved!

Our wonderful Nurse Kelley (KelleyRN2) knows better than anyone what Sara has been suffering with, and what she's been up against.  With Kelley's permission, here is a letter she sent to it really is that important summing up the situation that Sara R is facing:

Dear iriti,

Sara R has been ill for more than a year. She has no health insurance. She receives no state aid.

She is unemployed and unemployable because of her health, yet she doesn’t qualify for disability because her disability will likely disappear after she has surgery ... which she can’t get, because she has no health insurance.

Pause while Nurse Kelley bangs her head against the wall

Sara and I are "real life" friends. We talk on the phone almost daily. In the last several weeks I’ve seen her health get worse and worse, leaving her curled on her bed in pain for days at a time.

What is this terrible illness? It’s not so terrible, not if you can get it taken care of. Our Sara has gallbladder disease. She needs surgery, an operation called a cholecystectomy, and I mean for her to have it. I got Sara to look at her problem as two individual problems – health and money – and I persuaded her to attack the health problem first, because an inflamed gallbladder is an emergency.

Sara’s charges for the tests the surgeon wanted – an ultrasound of her gallbladder and a colonoscopy – may be covered by a local angel. She is scheduled to have surgery on February 18 and is expected to prepay both the surgeon and hospital at least 50% of the cost.

So, iriti, Sara did as I asked and is ready to have her surgery and resume her active, loving, giving life. Let’s see what we can do about the money problem, shall we?


Sara R's "Love-Catcher" Community Quilts have provided comfort and uplifted the spirits of so many among us: 48 so far, and with more in the works!  Sara and her sister Ann take our expressions of caring and create works of pure love, amazingly beautiful and deeply meaningful quilts that are treasured by those who receive them.  

exmearden's Quilt

Zentrainer's Quilt

Bustergirl's Quilt

Can you believe how much Sara has accomplished while being ill?  I am personally just astonished.  We need this wonderful woman healthy.  The combination of prolonged illness and financial stress is not good for a body – let’s each give what we can to put her mind at ease, so that Sara can just focus on her health and on preparing for her long overdue surgery and recovery.

By the way, if you want to get a sense of the lasting impact and significance of these quilts, and missed Otteray Scribe’s Rec Listed diary yesterday, we’ll wait right here while you take a look.  But fair warning… take plenty of tissue!

                   Initial Fundraising Goal: $15,000.00
                                Woot!  We’re almost there!


Our initial goal represents a mid-way point in the range of estimated costs for the surgery.  There are some significant unknowns in the cost: will one hour of the anesthesiologist’s time be enough?  Will Sara require a night in the hospital? Two or three nights?  Incidental and day-to-day expenses add up, too, and are of course not included in the estimates provided to Sara.

I'll start tonight off with a $100 donation.  Will you join me in helping to get this dear member of our community the treatment she needs and deserves?

                                  Link to Sara R's PayPal Account

Update: Donation Match Challenge from bubbanomics:

I'll match contributions herein, dollar for dollar, up to the max, $311.50.  We gotta do this!

Update #2: "Recommend" Challenge from CJB:

25 cents for every person who recs this diary.

This is day four in the Sara R Health Care Fundraising series.  See previous diaries here, here and here.

Originally posted to Ebby on Mon Jan 31, 2011 at 05:30 PM PST.

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