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I have been an active participant in the silencing of Rush Limbaugh.  This site gives me information I need and the wings to fly places I would not have flown on my own. I want to thank all of you who participate in various ways.  You make me smarter, more educated and I feel part of a community who cares about the issues that matter most to me.  

 I have contacted multiple companies regarding their advertising on the Rush Limbaugh show and recieved an email response from most.  Most are canned replies that either deny they advertise or pledge to pull their advertising.  I appreciate the responses but none as much as the one I got last night from my local Fred Meyer store.  

Fred Meyer is a subsidiary of Kroger Foods.  Apparently several Kroger Food ads were aired on the Rush Limbaugh Show.  Kroger's name was added to the list of companies to contact.  

I shop at my local Fred Meyer store.  Fred Meyer is a great place to shop.  It is an all inclusive store.  I can get all of my food, at the best price around, and anything else I need on a daily basis.  They have clothing lines that I like, a great bed and bath department,  a big flower and garden shop as well as eveything in between.  My prescriptions are filled there and the people that work at Fred Meyer are always helpful.
I was shocked to see that their parent company was a Limbaugh advertiser.

On Tuesday of this week I pulled up the website and found the comment section.  I wrote them about my concerns and that if they did not pull their advertising TOP Food was just up the street.  I have been a shopper there for 20+ year, gave them my Rewards card # so they could verify etc.

Came home last night and was listening to messages and this popped up.  This was not a robo call, this was a human being, reaching out to their customers one by one to talk to them:

This call is for Rita I***,  This is Henry from at Kroger Foods. I am the customer service representative for Fred Meyer.  I am calling to respond to the website comment thet we recieved from you 2 days ago.  We want you to know that Kroger Foods and it's subsidiary companies do not advertise on the Rush Limbaugh Show.  If you heard our advertising on his show it was an error on the radio staions part.  We are in the process of contacting all of our radio stations that we advertise with to make sure that this does not happen again.

Thank you for contacting us, we  really do care about your opinion and appreciate you taking the time to adress this issue with us. We value your being a Fred Meyer shopper.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions or if I can be of service to you.  My # is 1 800 576-4377.

I really appreciate the fact that a human being called me.  Canned e-mails were getting a liitle tiresome.  Thanks Henry at Fred Meyer customer service.  You earned your pay today and have a loyal customer coming back to you store.

11:07 AM PT: Wow rec list really??  First time for everything.  Thanks

1:36 PM PT: I updated this diary to publish the correct phone number for Kroger.  My first post had the number incorrect.  

1:43 PM PT: Just placed a call to the 800 # and spoke to customer service to let them know aout the feedback I am getting on this diary.  She is kicking it up to upper management advertising.  We are making a diference!!!!!

Originally posted to Reetz on Fri Mar 09, 2012 at 10:35 AM PST.

Also republished by Sluts.

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