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California Governor Jerry Brown
You suck.
Gov. Jerry Brown on Sunday announced that he had vetoed legislation that would have provided overtime pay, meal breaks and other labor protections to an estimated 200,000 caregivers, nannies and house cleaners in California.

Brown called their work a "noble endeavor" and said they deserve fair pay and safe working conditions.

But the Democratic governor said the bill "raises a number of unanswered questions," prompting him to reject the measure. It was among dozens of bills he acted on in the final hours before his midnight deadline to consider bills sent to him this fall by the Legislature.

The guy actually vetoed the Domestic Workers's bill of rights. A Democrat.

We have a similar law in New York passed in 2010 because of stories of domestic workers being treated like outright slaves. I would have though this would be a no brainer in California which also has a lot of rich people with domestic workers.


Just so you get both sides:

And here is the chamber's opposing view:

Obviously, the vast majority of California's domestic workers are young, attractive, American-born white women.

8:51 AM PT: Courtesy of Deoliver47, the reaction from the National Domestic Workers Alliance:

"It is a huge disappointment that Governor Brown chose not to recognize the people caring for California’s families and homes as real workers,” said Sylvia Lopez, a worker with the California Domestic Workers Coalition, sponsor of the bill. “For decades we have tirelessly cared for California’s homes, children, the elderly, and people with disabilities without the protection of basic rights. Tonight, Governor Brown has done a tremendous disservice to thousands of domestic workers, their families, and the people they care for.”

"Governor Brown missed an opportunity to prove himself as a leader in civil rights by ensuring that the people caring for California's children, people with disabilities and the elderly no longer have to go without proper sleep or meals,” said Assembly Member Tom Ammiano, sponsor of the bill. “His veto sets back labor rights in California supported by hundreds of thousands of California’s Latinos, domestic workers, and community leaders. As long as these exclusions continue, so will our pursuit for justice.”

Originally posted to Triple-B in the Building on Mon Oct 01, 2012 at 08:08 AM PDT.

Also republished by California politics.

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