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Shorter Democrats in regards to Romney on Sunday Show's so far: LIAR! LIAR! PANTS ON FIRE~!

Good. He's being called out for LYING (they're using that word). Good. This is important, repeatedly put the GOP on the defensive and make their surrogates keep getting called out on defending the lies.  They'll have to defend Romney's fake rhetorical shifts to the left, or they'll have to "clarify" it.

Some quotes via TPM below:

Gibbs on ABC this week:

Governor Romney had a masterful theatrical performance just this past week, but the underpinnings and foundations of that performance were fundamentally dishonest.  Look, he walked away from the central tenet of his economic theory by saying he had no idea what the president was talking about.  Ten minutes after the debate, even his own staff is walking back his answers on health care and preexisting conditions.

So, look, I don’t want to take anything away from what I think, again, was a masterful, masterful performance by Governor Romney, but I don’t think Governor Romney’s positions have changed, and fundamentally, I don’t think the campaign has changed.

Philadelphia Mayor Nutter, on CNN's State of Union:
"It's relatively easy for Mr. Romney, who had an 11th-hour conversion," Nutter said. "If you just lay out lie after lie after lie about your own plan as well as what the president has been talking about, of course you can look good."
Martin O'Malley on Fox News Sunday:
"We saw Big Bird meet the big lie," he said.
UPDATE: Appreciate the rec's guys.  I'm new here and that's a first time for me. Glad to contribute and hope to continue adding and deriving value from the community.

8:19 AM PT: More, this time from Axelrod on "Face the Nation".  It looks like this is something that's being coordinated: (via TPM)

"I'm saying that he was dishonest," Axelrod concluded.

"Would you go so far as to say he lied?" asked host Bob Schieffer.

"I'm saying he was dishonest in his answers," Axelrod said. "You can characterize that any way you want."

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