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Well she used to be apolitical.  
Growing up in southern California, Mom was never into politics.  All us kids had a fairly liberal point of view but political discussions were never encouraged.  Never discouraged either.  The parents just never had the desire/need to weigh into the conversations.
In 1990 my parents move to North Carolina  :(

Tevo 22 years forward...
Last year she got an iPhone.  I told her about the iheart radio app and to listen to Randi Rhodes.  She does it!

Shes part of the local home owners association board where she lives outside Raleigh.  At their last meeting she brings up the fact that no political signs are allowed on lawns and doesn't want to get into a political debate but is everyone OK with the fact that someone put a Romney/Ryan sign at the entrance to the neighborhood.  Kinda looks like the development is endorsing Romney.  No one has any objections.  No one really wants to discuss it.

So last Thursday Mom is in line waiting to vote early.  She's listening to Randi Rhodes on her iphone with ear buds in.
Lots of people are wearing Romney/Ryan tshirts floating around asking if any one needs a sample ballot.  She hears a guy behind her make a comment about a couple that walks by, saying "They're obviously democrats."   My Mom turns around and said "What's wrong with that?"
I'm so proud of her and that is so unlike my Mom! She spoke up!
Nothing more to that story.

On Saturday she walks into the Obama campaign office and volunteers for the day.  She doesn't want to canvass and doesn't want to make phone calls.  She's not ready for that yet.  She gets assigned to do data entry on the canvassing results.
She learns that there's a lot of confusion with the ballot this year.  You can choose to vote the party line with a single box but if you do that, you still have to vote for president.  Other wise, no vote is cast for president.
She also asks for an Obama yard sign.  Apparently there is a shortage of signs.  They are being stolen and don't have any more.
My mom tells the story of her home owners association meeting and the Romney sign in front.
One of the ladies says "Hold on."  She goes into the back room and comes out with a sign!  Mom goes home and puts it right next to Romney's.  
I hear this on Sunday over the phone, and in the background, I hear my dad say "it is on a hill and higher than the Romney sign."

This morning I text her and ask her to send me a picture of the signs.
She texted back that someone stole it!
I told her to make a homemad one.  I think its almost more effective.  She said she will.  She's not gonna mess with Romneys and the last thing she texted was "Damn Rednecks!"
Ha!  I love my Mom!

1:46 PM PT: Awesome!  Community Spotlight!  Thanks.  Told my mom about the story and she loved it.  Now I just need her to read this site more often!

P.S.  On a national level:  Keep talkin' Brownie!

Originally posted to RickShadey on Tue Oct 30, 2012 at 08:53 AM PDT.

Also republished by Community Spotlight.

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