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Update: Top of the rec list! Thanks to everyone. Here's a diary on RS that's worth the short read. It's almost sad to see the utter bewilderment and confusion of where they go from here. And by "almost sad" I mean freaking hilarious!!

Not much of a diary but I thought these comments were priceless from RedState

Where are all the geniuses who predicted a "landslide"? Wishful thinking is no substitute for facts and logic.
i'm not gonna lie-- i'm pissed... this was not just "an ill-timed hurricane and not throwing enough red meat out about libya"... something went fundamentally wrong. the conservative message didn't sell in what should have been a blowout election.
On a side note, how does Dick Morris remain employed? His political prognostication abilities are terrible.
News flash: The exit polling indicates that, of those who considered the economy the biggest issue, it was a tie between Romney and Obama.

There is no single issue here. Knock off the stupid finger pointing. The fact is that a majority of Americans in pockets of this country apparently like a social democracy. John Edwards is right - there are Two Americas. The Blue one is bigger than the Red.

Which is pretty incredible if the widespread reports of Republican enthusiasm and GOTV reaching levels not seen in at least a decade are accurate...perhaps it goes to show we cannot lose 70%+ of the minority vote anymore.

Gender gap apparently was visible too: men voted Romney, women, inexplicably supported Obama

it's an issue when the candidate can't figure out how to articulate the pro-life position in a way that doesn't creep the hell out of every woman in the country
HaHa it's awesome!! Some seem to grasp the underlying issues with their party but it's unlikely they will change. Tonight was a VERY good night!!

Tue Nov 06, 2012 at  9:53 PM PT: UPDATE: Wow guys, Rec list?! On Election night?! Thank you all so much! Who knew trolling would be so rewarding?  I found this quote too and I just had to include it:

"i guess God intended Richard Mourdock to throw away Indiana for us"

Although I will say I think God intended Romney to throw it away for them...

Again, it was a great night. Now, if only Romney will concede so we can here PBO!!!!

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