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It's a sad day when an entire country mobilizes against you and your idiotic tweet on Twitter. But that's what happened to 18-year-old Kristen Neel when she tweeted a Donald Trump-esque rant that was so stupid she had to delete her account. Follow me after the jump where hilarity ensues.

This is what started the firestorm:


Now, I'm going to give her a little bit of credit, she knew how to spell Australia and understood the difference between "their" "there" and "they're." The only problem is Australia doesn't have a President, they have a Prime Minister.

And she's a woman.

And she's an atheist.

And she lives with her unmarried partner.

And she is extremely pro-choice. Oh—and Australia has socialized healthcare. And no guns.

Whoops! Maybe Kristen wasn't taught geography since her Republicans are hell bent on destroying our public schools? I thought perhaps she meant Austria but that guy is an agnostic. Double Whoops!

Needless to say, Australians let her know exactly what they thought and it was the Best. Twitter. War. Ever.

Some of my favorites:

I feel sorry for @KristenNeel_. USA, may I suggest more funding to Public Education to avoid another Twitter-tragedy in 4 years time. @ki_sekiya
.@KristenNeel_ 1) Australia does not have a president. 2) Our prime minister is an atheist. 3) Yes, she really is. @mpesce
.@KristenNeel_ our "president" is a prime minister, is a woman, and is an atheist. I think you meant Antarctica. Move there. @post_rock0
@KristenNeel_ You do know that SHE is a Prime Minister, not a president, and an atheist? You do know where Australia is? @rabelazy
@KristenNeel_ Apparently, that isn't going to work out the way you'd like. Why not try Canada, where a Mormon polar bear runs the show? @karj
@KristenNeel_ we don't have a president. We have a female athiest prime minister. #herpderp We also have unions, no guns, free healthcare @freakychick
@McTickster @KristenNeel_ Also she's an actual socialist, not a made up "Obama is a socialist" socialist. @GoatmealCrisp
@keddren Where they have way more % atheists? A billboard claimed prayer cures cancer. Forced to change for false advertising. @kevinforgot
@KristenNeel_ you mean their atheist female PRIME MINISTER who supports legal abortion? or do we not live on the same planet. @etirabys
@KristenNeel_ oh bless your little heart, but australia's atheist prime minister wouldn't. @arayharris
I'm thinking @KristenNeel_ is going to be a Fox anchor one day. @Judes_Dickey
I think I'm going to save the genius @KristenNeel_ tweet to show my 5 & 2 yr old daughters, as a precautionary tale for using social media. @seanrgarland
Sadly, Kristen couldn't take the heat and deleted her account. I'm going to miss her.


UPDATE: Thank you Skipbidder for finding this article from Buzzfeed that includes a wealth of wingnuts tweeting about Australia. #Fail

4:38 AM PT: Rec list?! I'm humbled.

Originally posted to elizabethawilke on Fri Nov 09, 2012 at 02:59 AM PST.

Also republished by Kos Georgia.

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