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It was a cold, dark Christmas eve morning when police officers went looking for Jennifer Sabena, a 30 year old police officer.  She was a rookie officer in Wauwatosa, a suburb of Milwaukee.  She hadn't responded to a radio call from the station so fellow officers were sent out to look for her.  Sabena had been on a solo patrol in the early morning hours on December 24.  

Police found her body near a parking lot by a fire substation.  She had been shot mutiple times but had never radioed for help.  Police searched the area for clues and suspects but so far have not identified anyone who may have committed this crime.

So the questions begin: where does the gun violence end?  If a police officer who was armed and trained can be shot down how safe can the rest of us be?  What will it take for stricter gun control laws to be enacted?  

The Milwaukee area has already seen several shocking gun inflicted murders: the Sikh temple shooting, the Brookfield spa shooting and now a police officer murdered in Wauwatosa!  

After the horrific murders of 20 innocent children in Newton, Connecticut, the NRA's Wayne LaPierre came out with the ridiculous claim that schools in America need armed police officers or guards at every school.  He said nothing about eliminating automatic or semi-automatic guns and large magazine clips.  Now we have a police officer murdered.  This is someone who was to protect us and be able to defend herself.  We now see even more clearly the folly of LaPierre's claim that armed guards in schools can protect our children.

In the meantime, as police and the Wisconsin Department of Justice search for clues, we all have heavy hearts as we mourn the death of a police officer who was described as a great person and officer.  Where will this all end if even police officers are not safe on patrol?

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10:47 AM PT: Quick update:  According to news reports, police officers frequently stop at this fire station while on patrol to use the restrooms or to file a report.  So Officer Sabena may have just been making a routine stop, not because she was investigating something or responding to a call.  Also, officers are expected to call in anytime they make a stop or contact a suspicious person.  She was also believed to be wearing a protective vest at the time she was shot.

Originally posted to mollyjb on Tue Dec 25, 2012 at 09:30 AM PST.

Also republished by Shut Down the NRA and Badger State Progressive.

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