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Who would have guessed that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation help fund this sidestep democracy organization.  Here are two charts showing who helped fund ALEC.

You can double click on each chart to see a larger view.  Also, each chart has an html link, feel free to use the charts in your reporting.

The names listed on the left are the three "founders" on top and the present executive staff.  The names on the right are donors:


And who are those 10 FORMER DONORS?  Multi-national corporations, no surprise:

ALEC - 10 Corporate Donors

But who the heck is Mondelez International Inc?  Mondelez bought Cadbury, Mondelez's CEO, Robert S Morrison, is Vice Chairman of PepsiCo, the President, Robert Eckert is a director of McDonald's corporation, and it is the parent company for the Altria Group.  Mondelez is the new International branch of Kraft Foods.

Under pressure from public exposure, some of these corporations have ended their ties to ALEC but the damage has already been done.

I will not buy their products ever.

ALEC writes laws that are not in the best interest of the majority of Americans and democracy itself.

Of particular interest to the ALEC crowd is the privatization of education.

The Walton Family has martialed its vast fortune to help destroy the US free education system.

Walmart said its membership (ALEC) does not affirm its agreement with every policy created by the group and professed a belief that “every American should exercise their right to vote,
Really WalMart Family?  Check out this chart to see how the Walton Family Foundation spends its money to fund and promote Charter Schools, vouchers, and the privatization of education:

Walton Family Foundation Charter School Org. Funding

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation joins forces with Walmart, seen in a comparison of the chart above and this chart:

Gates Foundation Education funding

Rocket Ship Education and the Parent Revolution stand out.

Parent Revolution Funded by Waltons, Gates, Rockefeller

The Gates foundation donates to both the Parent Revolution and the Rockefeller foundation which donates to the Parent Revolution.

How do WE THE PEOPLE even begin to compete with these $Billionaires and their schemes for control?

ANOTHER GROUP TO WATCH - STATE POLICY NETWORK.  You can use the Muckety Maps to delve into the connections.  Donor's Trust is a Koch spin off and a major funder of SPN.  Here's the Muckety Chart

State Policy Network - Koch Funded

SPN is credited with the DISINFORMATION DISSEMINATION of right wing agenda. has SPN details here.

SPN’s Legislative Agenda Is Frequently Buttressed by Its Forays as “Press” and the Echoes of Its Allies in the Growing Right-Wing State “Press” Corps. As CMD was one of the first to document, SPN groups like the Goldwater Institute are hiring people to act as reporters, and the legislative agenda of SPN is increasingly echoed by the growing right-wing infrastructure of groups that pose as press. Some even get their stories or “reports” picked up as news and delivered to state newspapers as a “wire” service like the Associated Press, as with the Franklin Center’s groups and the Ryun brothers-allied "American Majority" and "Media Trackers" operations. See the SourceWatch article on the SPN Agenda for more.
Another funnel for Walton and Koch Brothers money to support right wing agenda is the Goldwater Institute.  Source watch has the details.  Here's the chart

Goldwater Institute

FYI link

Bill Moyers ALEC exposed update:  The United States of ALEC

THANK YOU for your recs, tips, and comments.  I hope you will play around with Muckety Maps to help expose the inter/traconnectedness of $$ Policies and Politicians.

Now, let's put our heads together and figure out how to stem the tide of the corporate takeover of public education, even our country and the world.

Originally posted to War on Error on Mon Jul 08, 2013 at 08:17 AM PDT.

Also republished by American Legislative Transparency Project and Houston Area Kossacks.

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