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I've met a lot of stout and stubborn Republicans in my travels, some of whom I am pleased to call friends.  They are vehemently against Obamacare, defenders of the First and Second Amendments, and watchers of Fox News.

Some of them are also without health insurance of any kind whatsoever.  To them, it's something that they've come to accept as the status quo.

However, one of those friends had an epiphany today - one which I was both shocked, and heartened, to see finally happen.

I frequent a shop where I buy smokes once or twice a week for myself and the Mrs.  A pretty nice place - good friend, good conversation, and Fox News on the big screen in the background.

The owner is, and continues to be, a stout Republican.  Not a Tea Party type, mind you, but a fiscal conservative with strong views on government spending and how involved said government can be in your (or his) life.

While I was waiting to get my smokes, he noticed I was watching Fox (something that I normally never do, except for's the only thing usually on the TV), and he asked me out of the blue,

So...have they said anything about Obamacare?
I had just gotten through with listening to the tripe that Dr. Ben Carson had wallowed through about how ACA was gonna be off to a rocky start, and I told him, "open enrollment starts tomorrow.  Why?"
Well, I have insurance, but my wife doesn't.  How does it work, and is there a chance I could get a good rate?
I sat him down at the computer, and ran him through, and then to the Nevada Health Link site, both of which had all the information he was looking for.  All he could do the whole time I was talking to him was shake his head and say, "Wow..."

After 30 minutes of surfing and investigating, I said to him what President Obama said to the country earlier - "Look up the information, and make up your own mind."  And I think he has, and he has more options now than before I walked into his store today and showed him what he needed to get what he was looking for.

Whatever the rest of the day brings, my day has been made.  And maybe, just maybe, his has too.

3:04 PM PT: Update:  Wow.  I can't believe it.  I made the Rec List.  Been here since 2008, and this is the first time I've had one do that.  :)

3:27 PM PT: My apologies to all reading, but I have to run off to work.  I'm sorry I won't be able to stay and continue the conversation, but I will say that my day has been made much brighter for all that happened today.  The time has come to move forward, despite what folks on the opposite side have to say about it.

Blessings be to all, and again, thank you for your opinion and input.

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