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...face reality.  Wow.

Big Ed fully supports the KXL pipeline and Does. Not. Like. being challenged.

He had 2 guests from the anti-KXL side (2nd is Josh Fox, producer of Gasland movies).

Josh had the temerity to point out State Dept flawed SEIS was from contractor in bed with fossil fuel industry.  See Meteor Blades' Feb 3rd diary re KXL protests here.

Not OK with Ed, who is taking the SEIS as gospel and (at 7:31) took it personally and declared that his guests were attacking him and the State Dept.  

"I do know what I'm doing on this show!"
Jump the twisted orange remains of Ed's credibility...

Link to msnbc Ed show video

Today's segment "Pipe Dream" is now online.

Yesterday's segment: "Keystone Pipeline debate must focus on safety."

Ed: "It's not about jobs, it's about safety."

Oh, really Ed?  Must focus on safety?

His whole push is "We're gonna keep using oil, this pipeline is safer than rail/trucking.  Plus "energy independence"."

1st guest (Joe Romm- founder of stayed on moral aspect:

'As a scientist, a progressive and a father, I want to leave a sustainable environment for my children.'  Referencing Bill McKibben, Mr Romm says 'We have to leave this extremely dirty carbon unused in the ground, we're over 400ppm now. Of course stopping KXL doesn't end our use of oil TODAY, but this is a good place to start/stop. It's a moral issue.' (paraphrased).
Harrumph!  Big Ed is All In (TM) for Keystone XL.

Piping extra-toxic diluted bitumen across US Midwest to Gulf?

What could go wrong?


Fantastic comment from nb41.  Proponents here keep claiming "we'll keep using petro so why bother?  (Jeebus, Ed's guest Joe Romm shot this derp down: 'Let's stop adding to our oil/gas addiction infrastructure.').  Anyhoo, here's part of nb41's gem:
Anyway, the pipeline is a long term commitment, mostly for the benefit of Transcanada, the Tar Sand Sludge extractor companies, and China, who will be the beneficiary of this stuff. It will unleash 830,000 bbls/day of "Dilbit" that is mostly bitumen in benzene (asphalt slurry) that is the bottom of the barrel in terms of quality of crude. But this will go on for decades. No pipeline, very lttle new development in that region now converted into a Hellscape can take place. The potential pipelines to the west and east are more or less blocked by popular opposition. So no KXL, no mining/extraction of that crap, and it stays in the ground.
Why, oh why, are proponents repeatedly claiming winning one battle (KXL) is useless - and somehow counterproductive (?!?) - in winning the drastic Climate Change war?
THURS AM UPDATE (#3): Thanks everyone for the interest and discussion.  I posted before Ed's segment was even done, much less posted online or w/ transcript so to be clinging onto the Wreck list this am is surprising (slow news evening, eh?).
 I strongly advise you watch the segment before diving in with your opinions (heh) because Ed's position is SAFETY only (until he ad libs "energy independence" late).  He is using tons-of-toxic-goop-spilled-per-event to claim KXL will be safer than status quo rail and truck.  Ed clearly states "this isn't about jobs" and disregards the Climate Change issue.  Ugh.

Finally, other than one tiresome (redacted), things went well in comments.  Please stay on topic and we'll keep it that way.

UPDATE #1 6pm CST: After watching segment again, I highly commend Mr Romm and Mr Fox for keeping level-headed and sticking to their positions - even when Ed took offense: this is a moral choice, this will have huge environmental impact, we have to stop adding to our oil/gas addiction infrastructure.  Well done, gentlemen.

Ed?  Not. So. Much.  

UPDATE #2 6:35pm CST: Obligatory Rec List gush. I'd like to thank all the folks who made this dream possible: me and my google-fu skills!!  If you tweet or tumbl or myspace telegraph, go give Ed heck on this!

Great Wisconsin news: Walker's anti-protest administrative rule deemed unconstitutional!  Thanks a lot, Giles for making sure my time on the Rec List will be measured in minutes...

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