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Cliven Bundy's American-hating Separatist thugs admit, on Facebook, that they aimed weapons at Federal agents with the intent to kill.  In their online Facebook conversation, Bundy's Separatists admit three Oath Keepers positioned themselves high on a hill and put a "bead on" the Federal agents below with the intent to kill those Federal agents.

In another online Facebook conversation, Bundy's Separatists admit they positioned on "Admin" (Administrator) of a Private Military Contractors (PMC) high on hill, who aimed his weapon at the Feds below.
Cliven Bundy and his Separatist thugs hate America, hate the US Constitution, hate Federal laws and they hate the three branches of government.  They are delusional and unable to understand the historical fact that the "Founders" that they fettishly climax over did intentionally create a system whereby we have a strong central government when they eliminated the Articles of Confederation and ratified the US Constitution.  In fact, the sole purpose to draft and ratify the US Constitution was to create a strong, centralized government because the Articles of Confederation made government too weak.

Bundy is a criminal and his hatred of America is so deep that he encourages his American-hating, Separatist thug brethren to aim weapons at Federal agents with the intent to kill on his behalf.

If Bundy's thugs had an ounce of intelligence they would ask themselves:

1) Why won't Cliven Bundy and his children pick up a weapon and aim it Federal agents?

2) Why is Cliven Bundy and his kids having the armed thugs do their dirty work of aiming weapons at Federal agents?

hmmmmmm ....

Another pictures shows two people in a sniper position on the top of the hill.  Separatist thugs are claiming the picture below is a picture of Federal agents aiming at "unarmed" civilians who were "peacefully protesting" the BLM carrying out a Federal Court order against Cliven Bundy.  

However, after enlarging the picture, those two snipers appear to be Separatist thugs. The one on the left has a goatee and the one on the right is wearing a hat that seems to have the logo of the American-hating III (3%) group. Admittedly, it is hard to make out the image on the hat without being able to sharpen the blurry image but, in my opinion, the blur is the outline of the insurrectionist group, III%, logo.
These dangerous domestic terrorists justify their hatred of America by creating a fictional Constitution that only exists in their warped minds.  They then bastardize the real Constitution and say America has a "false government."  

These Bundy terrorists have some insane idea that every citizen is "sovereign" and therefore no laws apply to them.  You see, to the delusional sovereign citizen, the United States Government is illegitimate. They do not "love" America, they hate America and they hate America's laws.

The Facebook conversation from above exposes that Oath Keepers aimed weapons at Federal agents in their pretend battle with the Federal agents who were carrying out a Federal Court order against Cliven Bundy.  

Bundy and his separatist thugs are now claiming they did not take up arms against the Federal government when they helped Cliven Bundy violently violate a Federal Court order ... and ... once again, they are lying.

Here are some pictures that show Bundy and his thugs are lying through their teeth:

Bundy's armed Separatists riding in the back of a pickup

More of Bundy's armed Separatists riding in the back of a pickup
Oathkeeper dressed up in his fake military gear, guarding the bridge during his fake battle
Armed militia at a checkpoint.
Another armed thug guarding that bridge.
More armed Bundy thugs guarding the bridge during their fake battle.
Another armed American-hater aiming his weapon at Federal agents below the bridge.
More Bundy armed Separatists guarding that bridge.
I look forward to these domestic terrorists getting arrested and charged with:
- Violating 18 U.S. Code § 1509 - Obstruction of court orders
- Violating 18 U.S. Code § 2383 - [inciting] Rebellion or insurrection
- Violating 18 USCS § 2101 "incite a riot"
- Violating 18 USCS § 115 - Impeding, or retaliating against a Federal Official
- Violating a Federal Court Order
- Contempt of Court
- Trespassing on public land

Originally posted to TeamSarah4Choice on Wed May 14, 2014 at 10:43 AM PDT.

Also republished by Shut Down the NRA.

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