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There's not much that is more American than a good old Whopper. A mainstay of juicy deliciousness that makes you follow your nose to the source. Well Guess What? The source is moving - to save on taxes. See the link below the dodad.

    I don 't much like it but I kinda see why some companies think the reviled tax inversion is a good idea. But really? Burger King? Seriously? Yep, seems like one of America's most recognizable brands & stalwart champion of keeping minimum wage at the minimum is eyeing Tim Hortons' of Canada so they can move their corporate identity there. Well Bully for them. Let's trash their bottom line here then as a nice going away present.
     While I'm not a big fan of McWhoosits there are certainly options other than BK. I am sick and  tired of enough never being enough for clowns like this. Let's show them some shareholder value. AND lets' hold the political feet to the fire about this.

In a land  that some have said is divided into makers and takers, I know who the takers are & it ain't the middle class.  NOT ONE MORE!  

12:27 PM PT: Well it's funny but the links to BK corporate seem to be broken. Seems they were bought out in 2010 is what comes up for the hedge fund that bought them. Below is the corporate address - I think -

Corporate Office Address:
Burger King

Burger King Holdings, Inc.
5505 Blue Lagoon Dr.
Miami, FL 33126
United States

Phone: 305-378-3000

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