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My fellow Kossacks, after months of desperately trying, I have exhausted all other avenues for raising the funds I need to satisfy my landlady and stay off eviction. I'm desperately in need of a short-term LOAN of $722. I do mean just a LOAN as I have lots of extra hours lined up and CAN pay you back by early July.

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This story is an example of the ER and insurance system gone mad.

I've known for years our health care system been a broken mess. And, I thought I had seen the worst of the bureaucratic incompetence with Humana during my father's health struggles his last two years. But my mother's ER case last year opened my eyes to the outright MADNESS of this industry.

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Amid all the political battlegrounds drawn here lately and the sadly growing cynicism, I wanted to pay tribute to some real unsung heroes of dKos, the community fundraisers, those who take it upon themselves to be "the ones we've been waiting for" to those in need in this community.

What have these generous souls taught me about dKos? My answer can be summed up by two words, empathy personified.

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Dear Kossacks,

Back in June, I was drowning in debt after a very difficult two years helping care for my beloved dying Papi and then helping my mom relocate after his passing  in February. But I still had my pride and my belief that somehow, with gritty belt tightening, I could handle it all myself. I was trying desperately to find more computer work or new outlets for selling my coupon business.

My gas was turned off but it was warm out and I felt I could manage without hot water and heat for a while. I was working out a deal with my generous landlady for overdue rent. I felt like I was still hanging tough. You know that feeling, when you are hanging on the edge of a cliff but stubbornly still trying to pull yourself up? That's how I felt. I have always managed alone and would find a way again.

Then my car's alternator and battery failed and it was like the straw that broke my back. And my spirits sank. My family was tapped out as had we incurred so many expenses helping my mom relocate and get back on her own two feet. I felt so alone. I had nowhere to turn.

At that low point in my life, three angels reached out to me, Nurse Kelley, FrugalGranny and Ekaterin. They urged me to put aside my pride, share my troubles and beg this community for help. I finally gathered my courage, took their advice, and wrote this diary:Do you ever feel like you're drowning? And hate to ask for help?

A few days later, Ekaterin published a diary, Reaching Out a Hand to a Drowning Kossack. To say I was overwhelmed by your response is such an understatement. Here were strangers embracing me and trying to find solutions for my problems. I was so humbled. I still am. With Kossacks' help, I was able to get my car repaired for less costs, stick with my rental agreement, and had nearly 75% of funds needed to get my gas turned on.

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My scorecard:

Biden did not have a good start on Lybia. He was oddly smirking at times and it didn't work in his favor. He had no real answer for the intel screw up and Obama will need to do much better. Martha pushed back hard on. I gave that exchange to Ryan and my stomach sank... then JOE completely turned it around and destroyed Ryan.

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I haven't been online much the last month as I had limited internet access while waiting on a refurbished Gateway motherboard replacement . While I was gone, apparently a lot of chaos and confusion occurred which upset folks here. Please don't let recent events taint with cynicism this community. I know firsthand there are amazing groups of people here!

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Do you ever feel like you're drowning? And hate to ask for help?


As Nurse Kelley's urging, I am finally putting aside my pride here and asking for help from the dKos community. Here is my story.

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Tue Jul 28, 2009 at 09:35 PM PDT

The Villification of Lucia Whalen

by scamperdo

The media and blogs have discussed in depth the effects on Gates and Crowley but NOT Lucia Whalen.

How bad has it gotten for Lucia Whalen, the 911 caller in the Gates case?

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This week Obama has been PIVOTING to reframe message to a President & People wanting health care reform fighting vs Congress/Washington Insiders.

Here in Boston a very interesting tidbit came out about his Martha's Vineyard planned vacation. Michelle and girls are coming up early and pres later, and he may in fact only come up for long weekends.

I can see the framing of message now by Gibbs, the President is willing to forgo his vacation to STAY and WORK hard for the people on health care reform, instead of recess for August, will the CONGRESS show the same commitment to the people's needs?

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Richard Wolfe says Obama can't fight both CIA & Military...

Was surprised no one here posted about Richard Wolfe's rather nonchalant yet insightful commentary last night on Countdown that Obama can't fight both CIA AND military...

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Campaign didn't change him, he CHANGED us!

Okay, I sobbed b/c it hit me watching him tonight, he's the same inspiring HOPEMONGER who when he won IOWA pronounced they said this day would never come...

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Thu Oct 30, 2008 at 09:57 PM PDT

How Obama is fueling GOP civil war

by scamperdo

The GOP civil war has started and Obama will continue to fuel it. Aided and abetted each and every step  of the way by likes of Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin.

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